How To Magically Transform Your Music Into An Irresistible 3D Sonic Experience

SPACES – The Final Frontier

How to get “Sonic Depth Of Field” that makes your music sound like it’s wider than the speakers, and deeper than the universe, without getting lost somewhere in a galaxy far, far, away…

Khaliq Glover

Using effects during mixing is usually done as an afterthought that gives you the same-old, same-old ordinary results. Most people automatically go for just putting on a basic reverb or delay using a preset, then tweak it a bit, and finally move on. There is so much more that we will reveal to help you get that EXPENSIVE 3D SOUND that most hit records have.

Khaliq Glover and Joe Gilder team up to provide the ONLY DEEP-DIVE COURSE ON EFFECTS that specifically takes you beyond the presets to help you identify, create, craft, and customize discrete ambience and effects for each song so that your music stands out from the pack.

Joe Gilder

Effects Magic:

How to magically transform your music into a 3D attention grabbing sonic powerhouse that can’t be ignored

  • The best and ONLY comprehensive step-by-step training course on how to use effects that exists today
  • Learn insider secrets how to magically transform your music into a 3D Sonic Experience that can’t be ignored
  • Discover the exact “Thought Process” that top engineers go through to choose the perfect effect so that the music sounds larger than life
  • Know exactly how to get the benefits of using reverb or delay WITHOUT ending up with a muddy, soupy, washed-out mess
  • Learn how to “think outside the box” so that you can have your own personalized sound that gets the attention of record labels and artists

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Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Learn About The Inner-Workings Of All Effects

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You’ll learn the secret of the INVERTED A.T.M. so that you can get that rich, expensive sound that all hit records have so that you can “Get ‘Da Money”!

You will learn the surprisingly simply S-Pop Technique to accurately identify and determine if the characteristics of the chosen effect are helping or hurting the music

You will learn how to use the Magic Mix Grid to discover the perfect placement for your effects without causing problems or losing clarity

You will learn by “seeing into the sound” using Khaliq’s proprietary V.I.S.I.O.N. System Of Training which allows you to know what to do before even turning a knob

Stand Out From The Crowd

Your unique sound will command attention instead of being ordinary. You will get more calls for projects because your music sounds better than others. Your reputation will grow virally because your stuff always sounds so good. Your instincts for choosing the perfect ambience will be enhanced You will learn twice as fast how to get professionally polished sound. You will be super proud to show off your music because it sounds so amazing.

Choose The PERFECT Effect Every Time

Imagine working faster and getting more projects done because you know exactly how to envision sound inside your “Mind’ Ear” so that you instinctively choose and apply  the PERFECT type of effects  needed to get a massive sound that is deep, wide, and expansive.

Know All Reverb Types Inside And Out

Instantly know how to identify the differences between various reverb types. Know when a Hall is a better choice than a Plate or Room. Know the RIGHT WAY to use Pre-delay in concert with Decay

Blueprint For Amazing Mixes

Feel totally confident and proud knowing that you will nail every mix using Khaliq’s step-by-step blueprint to follow an ORGANIZED method of choosing and tweaking the PERFECT effect for any instrument or vocal

And Much More…

Reverb Secrets


From foundation glue, to cavernous depth, and everything in between

Delay Secrets


Learn why delay is the basis for almost all effects. It is truly "The MOTHER Of All Effects"

Pitch+Mod Secrets


Creates movement, emotion, interest, fatness, wideness, and more


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